Engaging Rural Youth (ENGAGE) project objective is to equip young people (12-14 years old) in rural communities, in four European countries, with the necessary knowledge, competences and skills to actively participate in future decision-making in their communities and have a meaningful engagement in the implementation of various actions related to community and rural development.

The ENGAGE curriculum is a pedagogical framework for a four-week training course where participants will discuss topics related to community development and the revitalization and sustainability of rural communities. They will then, both individually and in groups, develop innovative ideas to strengthen their home communities. These ideas will be presented at public meetings and to local community stakeholders at the end of the course. Following presentations, local decision makers and community stakeholders will select ideas to develop further or implement directly in the community.

The ENGAGE curriculum provides a framework for the pilot implementation of the ENGAGE Training Course. This includes definition of course objectives, learning outcomes, themes, context, organization, outcome evaluation and assessment. The curriculum will be published in English and then adapted and translated to partner languages taking into account national and school curricula in each of the ENGAGE partner countries. The curriculum is an open educational resource that can be applied by primary schools and teachers outside the ENGAGE partnership and in different countries across Europe.