1. The objective and background of the course

2. Pedagogical strategy

3. Tools for working with different themes

Each school will work with some or all of the following themes during the 4-week course.

  • Sustainability,
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship,
  • Multiculturalism and multiliteracy,
  • Creativity, cultural heritage and arts,
  • Well-being, self-realization and regulation,
  • Democratic participation, human rights, interaction and expression of opinions and ideas,
  • Working life competences and employment.

This handbook will give tools for the different themes.

The methods are collected from projects promoting youth participation and from the teaches involved in the project.

4. The development of innovative ideas

5. Evaluation methods and tools

6. Setting up youth decision-making bodies

Youth councils

Youth councils are representative bodies contributing, in a consultative role, to the discussion and definition of youth policies. They have the right to formulate opinions and recommendations on youth issues directed to policy-making bodies at all levels of government.