Module 2

2. ENGAGE idea preparation 

SubjectNatural and social sciences, art, languages, history and math. 
TopicsInformation gathering and project idea development


The purpose of this module is that participants acquire knowledge and understanding of their community, enhance the communication skills, gather and analyse information on their community with the objective to develop an idea for a community project or change.

Descriptors for this module’s learning outcomes

participants shall have obtained knowledge on:
  • The phenomenon of the society in their own community – beginning from a larger scale coming to a practical level problem that should be solved or developed
  • The process behind good decision making and how opinions are formed.
  • Approaches to collect and critically review information
  • Forces that drive and restrict change.
participants will acquire skills in:
  • IT anc critical skills in collecting information, analysing from general to practical level.
  • Social skills, meeting “professionally” people or stakeholders in their own community.
  • How to form and develop their own opinion (gut instinct, research, feedback and openness to change).
  • Identifying what forces drive and restrict changes (Force Field Analysis)
  • Communication skills: how to present the questions to be clear, how to listen, how to write it down or document in another way.
participant competences in applying their knowledge and skills to:
  • Develop an idea on how to contribute to the solution of a community challenge or issue. 
  • Ability to receive and apply feedback to further develop their idea.
  • Present their ideas, written essays, videos, powerpoint etc.

Module lesson plans and worksheets

Annex 4 – Examples of the SDGs implementation in Latvia (