Module 4

4. ENGAGE idea presentation

SubjectsNatural and social sciences, art, languages, history and math.   
TopicsDeveloping and presenting projects to stakeholders and decision makers. 


The purpose of this module is that participants acquire skills setting up a process of public participation in community development and decision making. This includes setting up youth parliament involving key stakeholders and decision makers.

Descriptors for this module’s learning outcome 

participants shall have obtained knowledge on:
  • How they can define relevant stakeholders and decision making bodies and people in the community, such as community level policy makers, association, business owner, citizens or citizens groups facing challenges
  • The method they decide to use in the presentations in the youth parliament
  • Democracy rules and public participation approaches (how the public can be included in the decision making process?)
participants will acquire skills in:
  • Team work, building and developing their strengths in communication and cooperation
  • Being an advocate to the subject they present for the decision makers and stakeholders
  • Facilitation and public participatory approaches and how they can be applied in a youth parliament.
participant competences in applying their knowledge and skills to:
  • Communicate and justify their idea
  • Presentation and performing skills, build upon group dynamics and individual strengths
  • Using multimedia approaches to disseminate and present their idea
  • Facilitation and design of decision making process to select a winning idea or ideas to be implemented to contribute to a community challenge or issue.

Module lesson plans and worksheets