ENGAGE intellectual outputs will include the ENGAGE training course curriculum, Handbook for teachers, Pilot training and Assessment tools:

O1: ENGAGE training course curriculum is a pedagogical framework for a four-week training course were participants will discuss topics related to rural development, the revitalization and sustainability of rural communities. They will then, both individually and in groups, develop innovative ideas to strengthen their own communities. The ENGAGE curriculum provides a framework for the pilot implementation of the ENGAGE training course. This includes definition of course objectives, learning outcomes, themes, context, organization, outcome evaluation and assessment. The curriculum is an open educational resource that can be applied by primary schools and teachers outside the ENGAGE partnership. 

O2: ENGAGE training Handbook is based upon the curriculum, it provides guidelines for teachers which explains the background of the course, pedagogical strategy and methods for implementation and guidelines and activities related to discussion of themes, the development of innovative projects (entrepreneurship activities) and setting up youth decision-making bodies. This output will also include teachers workshops, where curriculum and handbook will be presented, discussed and piloted within the teachers group. 

O3: ENGAGE pilot training will be implemented in two phases that is Spring and Autumn semesters 2021. Including summaries on pilot implementation, perhaps a list of and links to courses agendas/information in each country … hosted on partner websites? 

O4: ENGAGE assessment framework and analytical report:  Including practical assessment tools as well as assessment of the ENGAGE process and outputs.