Module 1

1. ENGAGE my community and the SDG Goals  

SubjectsNatural and social sciences, art, languages, history and math
TopicsOur community, sustainability  and the UN’s SDGs


The aim of this module is that pupils acquire knowledge and understanding of different topics/themes related to the operation/workings of their own rural community (economics, history, culture, governmental structure), on the concept of sustainability and sustainable lifestyles and how the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations apply to their own lives and to the developments of their communities. Other topics/themes discussed relate to meanings of being an active democratic citizen and self-development topics.

Descriptors for this module’s learning outcomes

participants shall have obtained knowledge on: 
  • the community, where they live, what kind of services are available, what kind of enterprises and associations are active in the area and how the governing structure is
  • the concept of sustainability and sustainable lifestyles and the UN’s SDGs focusing on how they can be applied to their community
  • local natural resources, their usage and importance for local industries and community services
  • approaches and methods in exploring their own strengths and values
  • IT and multimedia technologies available to disseminate and present ideas/projects
participants will acquire skills in:
  • defining their own ideas based upon their interest referring to the SDGs goals,
  • identifying their own and community challenges related to the SDGs goals,
  • using IT and multimedia approaches for information gathering and to present ideas/projects,
  • applying the SDGs to local circumstances, challenges and issues. 
participant competences in applying their knowledge and skills to:
  • applying and adapting the SDGs to local communities and their own lives
  • choose a theme/topic to investigate
  • choose methods to collect and analyse information
  • report or present cases/stories/solutions to a challenge/problem an objective with honesty

Addition and more detailed descriptors will be added depending on goals selected like health and well-being, gender equality, responsible consumption and production etc.

Module lesson plans and worksheets