Training activities – 2. Internet and hobbies online

The aim of the second pupils meeting on November 25, 2020 was to continue engaging pupils from the partner schools in the ENGAGE project virtually while there were travel and visiting restrictions in effect in all partner countries due to Covid 19.

The purpose of the second meeting was to give pupils the opportunity to discuss some questions with each other and share the answers to others about the internet and what other things are important to be able to live a good life in the hometown.

During the online meeting participants:

  • obtained knowledge about what young people think is important in their hometown and raise awareness of what we have in common with other people around the world;
  • acquired skills in group discussion;
  • gained competences to the ability to express own opinion.

The online meeting was hosted on Microsoft Teams and at the beginning was run as a plenary session with all attending pupils in the same room the whole time.

After introduction pupils had been split into groups with the Team leader, Timekeeper and Observer. Pupils left the plenary session and met in separate online workshop groups to discuss these questions with each other:

  • Do you have access to the internet? At home? At school? Outside?
  • What kind of activity do you use the internet for?
  • How much time do you use on the internet? Estimate the time in hours per day.
  • Do you think access to the internet is an important thing for you and the future? Why?
  • What other things do you think are important for you to be able to live a good life in your hometown?