Training activities – 3. Food and food sustainability online

The aim of the second pupils meeting on May 11, 2021 was to continue engaging pupils from the partner schools in the ENGAGE project virtually while there were travel and visiting restrictions in effect in all partner countries due to Covid 19.

The purpose of the third meeting was to give pupils the opportunity to share the answers about food and to tell all pupils about food sustainability in the country or region, to discuss and find common things, different things, interesting and unusual things about food choice and sustainability in different countries.

The online meeting was hosted on Microsoft Teams and at the beginning was run as a plenary session with all attending pupils in the same room the whole time.

After introduction pupils left the plenary session and met in separate online workshop groups. Pupils had been split into 6 groups with the Team leader, Timekeeper, Secretary and Observer.

The online workshop was split into two stages. First stage of the online workshop was a reflection on questions pupils had prepared individual answers on food culture and own food consumption:

  • What is your favourite food?
  • Is your school lunch free or do you have to pay for it?
  • What do you think about your school lunch?
  • What foods are typical in your country?
  • Do you eat everything or do you avoid for example meat?
  • What do you think about a vegetarian diet?
  • Are there farms in your home area?
  • Have you visited a farm? What kind of a farm?
  • Could you imagine working on a farm in the future?

On second stage of the online workshop was a presentation and discussion on the food sustainability of their communities and countries.

After the group work, all the pupils returned to the plenary session and the team leader and secretary of each group shared common things and different things that the group members had identified between the countries during the group work.

Third pupils online meeting on May 11, 2021
Third pupils online meeting on May 11, 2021