Training activities – 1. Pupils getting to know each other online

The aim of the first pupils meeting on September 30, 2020 was to engage pupils from the partner schools in the ENGAGE project virtually while there were travel and visiting restrictions in effect in all partner countries due to Covid 19.

The purpose of the first meeting was to give pupils the opportunity to introduce themselves to one another (who am I, how old, what are my hobbies and interests) and to present to pupils from other schools general information about their school, city and country.

The online meeting was hosted on Microsoft Teams and run as a plenary session with all attending pupils in the same room the whole time.

Anttola Comprehensive School – Patrik, Riia, Reetta, Valio (Finland)
Anttola Comprehensive School – Kiira, Pinja (Finland)
Anttola Comprehensive School – Iina, Emma, Ada (Finland)
Montenova Montessori School – Edvin, Izabella, Filippa, Wilma (Sweden)
Montenova Montessori School – Nea, Axel, Emma, Oliver, Lovisa (Sweden)
Montenova Montessori School – Felicia, Ingrid, Freja, Victor (Sweden)
Nesskóli Elementary School – Ýmir, Finnur, Embla, Erla, Haukur (Iceland)
Nesskóli Elementary School – Berglind, Katla, Freyr, Haraldur, Hafsteinn (Iceland)
Nesskóli Elementary School – Díana, Hrefna, Jóhanna, Hafrún, Oddrún (Iceland)
Salas Primary School – Eduards, Reinis, Jānis, Mareks (Latvia)
Salas Primary School – Līga, Amēlija (Latvia)